Aliya Naaz Web Series

Aliya Naaz Photo: Instagram

Aliya Naaz Web Series

Alia Naaz is very talented actress she is also known as Misty from Kishanganj, Bihar. She became famous for acting in the TV show “Savitri Devi College and Hospital”. Now, Aliya Naaz in Web Series, films and short films. He started his career by taking photographs and endorsing different brands. In 2014 she also participated in Miss Bihar contest.

Many people follow Alia Naaz on Instagram and Facebook. Recently, she has been in several web series on Indian streaming platforms like Ullu, Cine Prime and Rabbit App.

Here are some simple facts about Alia Naaz:

Name: Alia Naaz
Web Series: Savitri Devi College and Hospital, Khalish Part 2, Khalish, Fevicool, Chaska
Age: 24 years
Worked for: Ullu, Cine Prime, Rabbit App
Relationship Status Single
Instagram handle: Insta

Aliya Naaz Photo
Aliya Naaz Photo: Instagram

sanskari web series

Recently, in Alia Naaz’s web series ‘Sanskari’ that appeared on Ullu app, she has pleased everyone’s heart. In this web series, she has given such scenes that now everyone has gone crazy for Alia Naaz. If you have watched Alia Naaz’s web series so far. If you haven’t watched Sanskari series then go to Ullu app and watch this web series and for your information let us tell you that Sanskari is a romantic drama web series.

Maa Ka Naka Web Series

The name of Aliya Naaz’s second web series is Ma Ka Naka, this web series was also recently released on Ullu app which was highly appreciated by the audience, you can watch this web series on Ullu app.

khalish web series

Ullu’s web series Khalish has released 2 seasons so far and Aliya Naaz has acted in both seasons. In Ullu’s Khalish web series, Alia Naaz has given very intimate scenes to show the audience. Nowadays, if anyone knows Aliya Naaz, they know her only from her intimate scenes.

online web series

Aliya Naaz first worked on an Ullu web series called Online which came out 2 years ago. Aliya Naaz gained recognition for this Ullu web series. 2 full seasons of the web series have arrived online which you can watch on the Ullu app.

Apart from these web series, Alia Naaz has many other web series in which she has entertained the audience a lot, here we tell you the list of all those web series.

  1. Puddan Season 2
  2. Rivaaj
  3. MRS teacher
  4. MRS teacher 2
  5. MRS Teacher 3
  6. Bahu Jaan
  7. Bahu Jaan 2
  8. Seal 4
  9. Andha Dhundh
  10. Choodiwala
  11. Choodiwala 2
  12. Happy Birth Day
  13. Shaukeen Uncle
  14. Takk
  15. Takk 2
  16. Saali Gharwali
  17. ATM Bhabhi
  18. Nayan Sukh
  19. Giddh Bhoj
  20. Karo Naa
  21. Tadap
  22. Kaam Purush
  23. Bhasad
  24. Chaska
  25. Fevicol
  26. Dunali

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