Children Web Series and Movies

During this festival season the whole family comes and meets at one place. In such a time, you should watch these Children web series and movies which are available on Amazon Prime and other web Platforms. We have provided the link.

Top 10 Children Web Series – Photo : Social Media

Masha and the Bear

This is a Russian animated series. In this series, Masha and the Bear is a 3 year old little girl and there is a bear who protects her from many dangerous things and also tolerates Masha’s mischievous antics.

Top 7 Children Web Series and Movies


Top 7 Children’s Web Series and Movies Sherk
Sherk – Photo : Social Media

Shrek is a fantasy animated movie based on a children picture book. Shrek is a green monster and is expelled from it. Shrek meets a donkey and tries to go back. But suddenly he is asked to save a princess Fiona and in the meantime he also falls in love with the princess.

Hachi : A Dog’s Tale

Top 7 Children’s Web Series and Movies
Hachi : A Dog’s Tale – Photo :Social media

In this movie, a professor takes home a lost dog. His family does not like this but after some time they also start liking that dog. Every evening the professor used to go to college to teach and came back by train and Hachi used to wait for him at the station. One evening he does not return but even after his death Hachi remained sitting there for many years. This movie is very emotional and heart touching.

Just Add Magic

Top 7 Children’s Web Series and Movies
Just Add Magic – Photo : Social Media

In this show, three girls who are best friends receive a recipe book which has been passed down to the next generation for many years. The story of this show revolves around this book and the girls learn good values ​​like friendship, honesty and trust by solving many mysterious things.

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic

Top 7 Children’s Web Series and Movies
My Littele Pony – Photo : Social Media

This TV show made for children has animation, songs and an interesting story. This show has become a huge fan base. In this show, a young unicorn along with her friends faces many challenges and grows up.

Malgudi Days

Top 7 Children’s Web Series and Movies
Malgudi Days- Photo: Social Media

This series is a television series based on short stories given by RK Narayan. These short stories take place in a fictional place named Malgudi. This series captivates everyone’s heart and makes everyone laugh. This series has shown Indian art, culture and customs well.

Chhota Bheem

Top 7 Children’s Web Series and Movies
Chota Bheem – Photo : Social Media

An Indian cartoon series called Chhota Bheem tells the story of a little child named Bheem and his companions in the made-up village of Dholakpur.Usually, Bheem and his companions are tasked with defending the community from various hostile entities.

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