Netflix Free Trial Plan 2024: Netflix Subscription Plan starts from 149

Here we will discuss about Netflix Free Trial Plan and Netflix Plans India Subscription Plan 2024.

Netflix Free Trial Plans 2024 – Photo : Social Media

Netflix Free Trial Plan and Netflix plans 2024

Netflix plans in india provides four subscription tiers like each with slightly different benefits. However it is worth noting that the content catalog remains same across all plans. Even the most basic plan contains the same selection of original movies and TV shows as premium option.

If you’re contemplating which Netflix plan to choose, we’ve compiled a list of all available plans in 2023, complete with their respective benefits.

Netflix does not offer free trials till date, but you have can  change your plan or cancel online any time if you don’t like Netflix. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees.

Feel free to register on our platform and make most of all that Netflix has to offer. As a Netflix member, every plan grants you access to our extensive catalog of TV shows and movies. To explore further details about our plans and select one that suits your preferences, you can find more information on our website.

Netflix Free Trial Plans 2024 – Photo : Social Media

Netflix monthly and yearly plans: Price in India, benefits

In India, Netflix provides a range of monthly subscription plans starting from Rs 149. Additionally, these plans subscriptions can be bundled with certain telecom or DTH recharge pack. Below, you’ll find details on Netflix’s monthly and yearly plans, along with available offers in India:

Mobile1 screen/ SD contentRs 149Rs 1,788
Basic1 screen/ SD contentRs 199Rs 2,388
Standard2 screens/ FHD contentRs 499Rs 5,988
Premium4 screens/ UHD contentRs 649Rs 7,788
Netflix Plans Details

1. Netflix Mobile plan

Priced at Rs 149, Netflix Mobile plan is tailored for users who enjoy streaming shows and movies on their smartphones. This plan limits video quality to 480p resolution and is exclusively available on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. It allows for a particular active screen at a time, and downloads are restricted to signed in device.

2. Netflix Basic plan

Netflix presents a ‘Basic’ plan priced at Rs 199 per month, totaling Rs 2,388 annually. This plan offers the features of Netflix Mobile package while enhancing streaming resolution to 720p. It allows sign-ins on mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets, computers. However the plan limits  number of active screens and downloads to just one device.

3. Netflix Standard plan

Following is standard Netflix plan, available at Rs 499, featuring a video resolution of 1080p. cost for a full year plan of continuous subscription amounts to Rs 5,988.

This plan allows users to sign in on up to two devices simultaneously, encompassing mobile phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. Additionally This package supports offline downloads for convenient viewing.

4. Netflix Premium plan

highest-tier Netflix subscription plan, named ‘Premium,’ is priced at Rs 649 per month or Rs 7,788 annually. Built for families or groups of friends, this plan allows to simultaneous support on up to four devices.

subscription offers 1080p resolution with HDR support for mobile devices and delivers 4K quality content for compatible TVs.

Netflix free subscription

Netflix subscription is available for free with following methods in India:

1. Jio Fiber

If you’re a Jio Fiber broadband user, you have opportunity to receive a complimentary Netflix subscription. This free access is included with monthly Jio Fiber plans of Rs 1,499, Rs 2,499, Rs 3,999, and Rs 8,499. Rs 1,499 recharge plan provide use to Netflix Basic plan for free. Meanwhile, Rs 2,499 and Rs 3,999 plans upgrade this to Netflix Standard plan. Opting for Rs 8,499 plan grants you access to Netflix Premium account.

2.Jio Postpaid Plus

In addition to this Netflix subscription Plan directly, users have option to enjoy a complimentary Netflix subscription Plan through Jio postpaid. Specifically Jio Telecom provides 2 Postpaid Plus plans in India Rs 699 and Rs 1,499. These postpaid plans from Jio include free subscriptions to Netflix mobile only plan, which would otherwise cost Rs 149 per month if purchased separately.

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